Nicosia Municipality - Necessary Certificates
Necessary Certificates

Necessary Certificates


For the wedding ceremony the couple has to provide the following certificates:
  1. Affi Davit at a Registrar of the District Court of Nicosia
  2. Statement from the Ministry of Interior (MIGRATION)
  3. Divorce Certificate (Decree Absolute)
  4. Death Certificate of Spouse
  5. Copy of Birth Certificate
  6. Passport
  7. ID Card

Foreigners need to provide the following certificates:
  1. Recent Certificate of marital status from a Governmental Authority ( i.e. Town Hall, Ministry of Interior, Registry Office, Embassy etc)
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Divorce Certificate
  4. Death Certificate of Spouse
  5. Passport or European ID Card
All the above documents, to be valid and recognized, must be legalized with an APOSTILLE Stamp (if the interested party's country is a member of the Hague Convention) or legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cyprus Embassy or Consulate in the country (if the country is not part of the Hague Convention). All documents must be officially translated into the English language and recently issued, maximum three (3) months before the date of application.

According to the new (EU) regulation 2016/1191, that was implemented on 16 February 2019, the APOSTILLE STAMP is not required on the Certificates issued by E.U. countries.