Nicosia Municipality - Procedure For Civil Marriage
Procedure For Civil Marriage

Procedure For Civil Marriage

Nicosia Municipality commits civil marriages according to the authorities attributed to it by the national legislation, Marriage Law 104(I), 2003.

Couples interested in committing a civil marriage at Nicosia Municipality must apply personally to the Civil Marriage Office in order to get informed about all the necessary documents they need to provide.

Civil marriages can occur between Cypriot Citizens, Cypriots and foreigners and between foreigners.

Normally the Civil marriage ceremony takes place at the Municipal Town Hall of Nicosia, at Eleftherias Square, in a room specially arranged for the ceremony or at the Municipal Gardens of the Town Hall. However, according to a recent decision taken by the Municipal Council, the couples can choose among other venues as well, either Municipal or private spaces, with a certain fee.

There are two different procedures a couple can follow, the Notice of Marriage and the Special Procedure.

Please contact us for more information regarding the cost of the standard procedure.

Following this procedure, the couple signs the notice of Marriage and can get married fifteen (15) days after their application is submitted and no later than three (3) months from that date.

Additional cost for Rush processing.

In case the couple wants for a certain reason to get married the soonest possible, they can do so by following the special procedure. The wedding can take place either the same day the application is submitted or in less than fifteen (15) days from that date.

For any further information regarding the procedure of civil marriage please contact the Civil Marriage Office at the Nicosia Municipality Town Hall, by phone at +357 22797238 or by email:

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