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The ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation was founded by the artists Achilleas Kentonis and Maria Papacharalambous. It is a contemporary arts and science center dedicated to research and creativity: two magical worlds of adventure and discovery, encompassing sojourns into the fields of learning, chaos and imagination.

Its premises, both transcendental and material, inspire the contemporary artist/creator and the scientist/creator alike, offering to both a platform, promoting them at a local as well as at an international level, with quality being the main criterion. It functions as a multidimensional space, organizing and undertaking the production of multifaceted events from the world of theatre, music, dance, cinema, visual arts, letters and sciences. At the same time, its multipurpose spaces are available to individuals, organizations and other agencies for the hosting of events, presentations, seminars, symposia, conferences and scientific or other workshops.

ARTos is unique in its kind, harmoniously uniting, through a pre-Socratic approach, Art and Science, with the addressor, as well as the ultimate addressee, Man. Because, if civilization is essentially all those scientific and artistic achievements of Man belonging to a specific era, then it is high time for that platform to exist which will bring about the interaction of these two fundamental fields, with the aim of incorporating them into contemporary civilization. It is precisely this role which the ARTos Foundation aspires to play: to attract and challenge the contemporary artist/creator as well as the scientist/researcher, both of whom, through their eternally-inquisitive and unsatisfiable nature, question and doubt, always striving to go one step further. ARTos, in the final analysis, is that space where creative ideas will be born and take shape free of exploitation, and with the intellectual rights of the inspirers and creators being firmly and with respect established and safeguarded.

Through the Foundation, artists, thinkers, writers, scholars and researchers are able to:
  • co-exist and creatively interact with each other;
  • gain valuable experiences through meeting other personae of various specialties from the world of Arts and Letters from both Cyprus and abroad;
  • utilize their potential and establish, improve and advance their ideas;
  • participate in various cultural and research programmes (European and others);
  • receive guidance as to the better presentation of proposals through the vast network of Foundation associates and contributors in both Cyprus and abroad;
  • make use of the management/organizational structures and processes provided by the Foundation.