Mayor's Welcome

MAYOR / Mayor's Welcome
Welcome to the website of the Municipality of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.

On the website, you'll find useful information about our city, its history, the Municipality, Municipal Council, offered services, projects underway, and easy means with which to contact the Municipality.

Nicosia has been the capital of our island for over one thousand years. It is the administrative, commercial, financial, religious, higher educational and cultural centre of our island. Big corporations and a plethora of smaller business are based here.

Beyond its rich and treasured historical and cultural heritage, making it a cradle of culture, Nicosia continues to forge a path of cultural expression and creativity, while being an important centre of knowledge, research and technology .

With a rich and visible history of over 6,000 years, bearing witness to the tumultuous past of Cyprus, Nicosia is the last divided capital of Europe and claims a deserved place at the pinnacle of European culture. It also seeks to act as a bridge between the countries of the region and the European Union.

We aim to assist in our country's effort to respond to this difficult task and get the most out of this conjuncture that we can for our city.

For the Nicosia we all love, we are planning with hope and expectation for the reunification of our city, bringing progress and prosperity to all its residents.

Yes, Nicosia can reach its strategic destination as a capital to become a top European regional urban centre of culture, education and entrepreneurship in the southeastern Mediterranean.

So, I invite you to visit the pages that follow and I hope the information you'll find will prove useful to you. 

Constantinos Yiorkadjis
Mayor of Nicosia