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Here at the Nicosia Municipality, we understand the needs, hopes and expectations of couples planning the most important day in their life together… their wedding day. To help them make their dream wedding coming true, we offer them the opportunity to celebrate their wedding and reception in unique and special venues designed for an unforgettable special occasion.

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At last! The long awaited marriage proposal is a reality... You are in seventh heaven and you are already dreaming of that special day. Your wedding preparations should be exciting, enjoyable and hassle-free. With careful planning, everything will be simply perfect.

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The actual ceremony is quite simple and takes only 10 to 15 minutes. When completed, the couple will receive the original signed marriage certificate from the marriage officer in charge.
The Nicosia Municipality Civil Marriage Office can provide the couple with as many true copies of their marriage certificate as they want, at a nominal charge.

The Civil Marriage Office is open daily, Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 15:00.

To apply for a marriage licence, the couple must make an appointment to visit the Civil Marriage Office at the Town Hall of Nicosia in person. For appointments, call tel: 22797238, or send an email to:

The Nicosia Municipality conducts civil marriages in accordance with the provisions of the Marriage Law 104(I), 2003.

Couples interested in a civil marriage at the Nicosia Municipality must contact the Civil Marriage Office personally to find out exactly which documents are required and must be submitted in advance.

Civil marriages can be concluded between Cypriot citizens / third country citizens / Europeans / and Cyprus or European citizens marrying third country citizens. In accordance with a decision taken by the Municipal Council, the marriage can take place in the Town Hall’s wedding venue or any other municipal venues, as well as in other function halls or hotel venues within the municipality, at an additional charge. The wedding reception can also be held in these venues.
There are two different procedures a couple can follow: the standard Notice of Marriage procedure, or the Special Procedure.

Standard Notice of Marriage Procedure
Please contact us for more information regarding the cost of the standard procedure.
Following the standard Notice of Marriage procedure, the couple can be married no earlier than fifteen (15) days after submitting the application, and no later than three (30 months after that same date.

Special Procedure
This express procedure is available at a surcharge.
The Special Procedure is available to couples who wish to get married as soon as possible for whatever reason. The marriage can take place either on the same day the application is submitted or any other time within fifteen (15) days from that date.

For a civil marriage between Cypriot citizens, the couple has to provide the following certificates:
1. Affidavit made before a Registrar of the District Court of Nicosia
2. Certificate of Freedom to Marry from the District of Nicosia
3. Divorce Certificate (Decree Absolute)*
4. Death Certificate of spouse*
5. Copy of Birth Certificate
6. Identity Card

For a civil marriage between third country citizens, as well as between Cypriot or European citizens and third country citizens, the following documents must be provided:
1. Recent Certificate of Marital Status issued by a government authority in the country of origin (i.e. Municipality, Ministry of Interior, Embassy etc). For citizens of Greece, a Marriage Licence from the Municipality in Greece is required.
2. Birth Certificate
3. Divorce Certificate (Decree Absolute)*
4. Death Certificate of spouse*
5. Passport or European Identity Card

In addition to the above certificates which must be issued by the country of origin, the following documents are also required:
1. Affidavit made before a District Court Registrar
2. Certificate of Freedom to Marry from the Ministry of Interior (Migration)

1. Recent Certificate of Marital Status issued by a government authority in the country of origin
2. Affidavit made before the District Registrar or family court
3. Birth Certificate
4. Divorce Certificate (Decree Absolute)*
5. Death Certificate of spouse*
6. Passport or Identity Card

* where applicable

To be valid and recognized, all the above documents must be original documents issued no earlier than three (3) months before the date of the couple’s application and officially translated into English. Documents must also be legalized in the country of origin by carrying an APOSTILLE stamp if the interested party’s country is a member of the Hague Convention, or otherwise legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the country’s embassy or consulate in Cyprus.
In accordance with the new regulation (EU) 2016/119, which was implemented on 16 February 2019, the APOSTILLE stamp is not required on the certificates issued by EU countries.

For any further information regarding the procedure of civil marriage and to book an appointment to either submit an application or conduct a marriage, please contact the Civil Marriage Office at the Nicosia Municipality Town Hall, by phone at +357 22 797238 or by email: