Casa College

The Saveriades Educational Organisation was founded in Famagusta in 1961 by Mr. Christos Saveriades.  At the early age of twenty one, Mr. Saveriades begun with a vision of creating a private high school to cater to the needs of the then Cypriot society. Having had a background in education he begun executing his vision by building an admirable by todays standards facility, which was completed in 1963. The high school was met with great success until the Turkish invasion of 1974, where the high school was along with its owner and students a refugee in its own country. Having fled to southern Cyprus, Mr. Saveriades, begun his vision from zero again, this time with greater determination, passion and commitment.

Adapting with the changing times of a post-war occupied country and seeing the need for creating short specialized courses in secretarial studies, he founded DIDACTA. Through its very successful tenure DIDACTA boasted over 40,000 graduates, and for many till today was a huge landmark in local Cypriot Education. Similarly, another short course for Airline Hostesses was met with great success for its innovation and student enrollment numbers which came from all over Europe, especially the Scandinavian countries. This was done simultaneously with re-establishing the secondary high school that was running out of Famagusta. With over 50,000 high school graduates, many have moved on to become politicians, high ranking civil servants and successful business men.

In 1997, Mr. Saveriades founded Casa College, with the premise of offering local students a tertiary education after completing high school. Soon, this vision spread beyond the Cypriot boarders with a huge influx of foreign students from many corners of the world.  Today, Casa College has the biggest number of foreign students than any other college in Cyprus, attesting to our experienced and quality service.

In 2010, the Educational Organisation was the first to set up Franchise agreements with three of Bulgaria’s most acclaimed Universities.  Medical University-Sofia, Medical University-Varna and Varna Free University. This has allowed our institution to expand  it’s disciplines, offering an array of courses from Medicine to Crime related studies. It has allowed the college to remain relevant in todays ever demanding and globalizing market.

Through it’s 53 year history the Saveriades Educational Organisation has remained true to its vision and its students, and we strive to improve and adapt to the changing times. We are proud to offer our students possibly the cheapest tuition fees in Cyprus for most competitive courses, thus staying true to our motto that education really is everybody’s privilege.