Nicosia Municipality - Municipal Park

Municipal Park

Enjoy a day of relaxation in this beautiful park, located in the heart of Nicosia since 1969, right behind the Parliament's building. Kids will love to play in the fully renewed and equipped playground area while their parents can chill out in the cafeteria. Green areas, birds, ponds with goldfish, trees, beautiful for walks and photography
11 Jun. 2011 (12:43)
Municipal Multicultural Centre

Municipal Multipurpose Center is a historic building next to Famagusta...

17 May. 2013 (10:34)
The National Struggle Museum

The museum is located in the square near the Archbishopric.The museum...

21 Apr. 2013 (16:00)
Hamam Omeriye

The Omeriye Hamam is in the old town of Lefkosia (Nicosia), next to the...

16 May. 2014 (14:24)
Nicosia Municipal Pool

The Swimming Pool of Nicosia located in Agios Andreas a special...

16 May. 2011 (11:58)
Ledras Parking

Capacity: 166

St. Anthony Elementary School

The story of the foundation of the school looks like a fairy tale. In...