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The Church of Archangelos Michail Tripiotis can be found in the old town of Lefkosia and has three naves and a dome that almost has the aspect of a square.

It is built with attractive, smoothed porous stone and it reminds one of architectural types of – and is similar in form to – churches of the second half of the 16th century of those built in the Venetian period, such as the church of the Monastery of Agios Neofytos in Pafos, the Church of Agia Ekaterini in Kritou Tera and that of Agios Mamas in Morfou village.

According to an inscription to the east of the south entrance, the Church of Archangelos Michail Tripiotis was built at the expense of the Priest Iakovos and Christian parishioners in 1695; that is, it was built during Turkish rule. Such is the construction of the church, however, that it hints at some repair work on a large scale or additions to the existing 16th century church. If, however, the inscription is accurate, then it is a special example of architecture, and unusual given the conditions prevailing during Turkish rule.

Perhaps, however, there was on the site of the church an earlier Orthodox monastery, the only remnant of which is the church. In the church, an outstanding icon influenced by Italian painting of the 15th century and other icons from the period of Turkish rule are preserved.
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