Nicosia Municipality - ETEK Square (Old Town)

ETEK Square (Old Town)

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The Square is around the offices of the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus in the old town.
Ministry of Finance

The economic philosophy of the Ministry of Finance is based on three...

28 Jan. 2013 (13:00)
Ochi Square Open - Air Market

The market of ‘Ochi’ is a held every Wednesday in the area of Bayraktar...

Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace was formerly the Government House, the residence...

Frederick University

Frederick University is a private university operating in the Republic...

23 Jul. 2012 (12:19)
Square & Park St. Spyridon

The broad area that contains the church Agios Spyridon is one of the...

Cultural Workshop Ayion Omoloyiton

Cultural Workshop was established as a nonprofit organization in 2002...