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In 1994 Nicosia Municipality became the first municipality in Cyprus to set up an IT Department. Today the municipality has a modern and reliable network connecting more than 200 computers.
The IT Department provides support to all the other services of the municipality on IT and telephony issues, in order that they make the most of IT and communication technologies, improving efficiency and upgrading the services offered to citizens and visitors to the city alike.

Nicosia Municipality likewise took the lead in setting up a webpage on the Internet. Its webpage went up on the Internet in September 1994. The webpage is administered by the Citizens Service & Information Bureau, and is updated daily with information of interest to Nicosia residents and prospective visitors.

In 2011 the municipality set up the e-λευκωσία portal, where citizens may directly contact the municipality, gain access to information relating to transactions with the municipality, settle their bills and submit comments and suggestions.