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Safety & Health

THE MUNICIPALITY / Departments / Safety & Health
Nicosia Municipality has moved to set up Safety Committees at establishments employing more than five persons on a regular basis, and safety representatives have been elected.
Committee sessions
The Committee convenes every three months or extraordinarily when this is requested in writing by all safety representatives or the employer or in the wake of a work-related accident or serious incident, to study the events and the causes of such an incident.

The municipality has made a tangible commitment to improving safety and health standards, but at the same time employees are obligated to see to their own, and to their co-workers’, safety and health.

Employees’ obligations
  • To make appropriate use of machinery, tools and any others protective gear provided to them.
  • To make appropriate use of machinery, tools, substances and means of transport.
  • To avoid switching off, modifying or otherwise arbitrarily tampering with the safety mechanisms of machines, tools, homesteads and buildings, and to use these properly.
  • To immediately report to their employer any and all situations that could pose serious and imminent risk vis a vis safety and health, as well as report any shortcomings of protection systems.
  • To attend relevant classes/seminars on safety and health issues.
  • Training seminars were held for staff members and management, providing guidance on how to check on and instruct subordinates.
  • Basic provisions of the law on safety and health at the workplace.
  • Seminars have been held on issues such as Safety and Health, Accident and Incident Investigations in the construction sector.
  • Practical application of risk assessment at the workplace.
  • Procedures and instructions for health and safety requirements as per OHSAS 18001.
  • Internal inspections-identification of unsafe conditions at the workplace.
  • Safety at playgrounds.
  • Safety and health plan at construction sites/works.
  • Health safety for work involving materials containing asbestos.