Bureau of the Municipal Secretary/Secretariat (1)

THE MUNICIPALITY / Departments / Bureau of the Municipal Secretary/Secretariat (1)
Role and Mission
The decisions of the city council - in the context of its policy-making - are relayed directly to the Secretariat. The Secretariat is also the entity which promptly forwards decisions or instructions to the competent departments for implementation.

The Secretariat coordinates and sets in motion the operating apparatus of the Municipality’s departments in order that they implement any projects and/or actions of Nicosia Municipality.
Further, the Secretariat assists the city council in its decision-making, providing data and information which it collects from the other departments and/or other sources following due review and processing of the data.

The Secretariat is the entity which the Mayor makes use of in its capacity as the sole executive arm of the Municipality charged with implementing the decisions of the city council.

The Mayor is the head of the Secretariat as well as of the entire Municipality. The Mayor provides leadership and guidance, and exercises control over the Secretariat.
The Secretariat is housed at Nicosia Municipality on Eleftheria Square.

Contact info
Nicosia Municipality, Eleftheria Square, P.O. Box 21015, Nicosia 1500
Phone (+357) 22797000, Fax (+357) 22663363
E-mail: municipality@nicosiamunicipality.org.cy