Municipality of Qingdao

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Mon, 01 Jan. 2001 00:00
In the context of the agreement -signed between the city of Qingdao - China and Nicosia -for the further establishment of friendly relationships between the two Municipalities, the Municipality of Nicosia hosted an official delegation from the Municipality of Qingdao - China in March 20001. The delegation had a meeting with the Mayor of Nicosia and the leaders of the political-party groups in the City Council, as well as with members of the Cultural Committee of the Nicosia municipality, discussing issued of common interest for the two cities, as well as probable exchanges in cultural, educational, social, and other sectors.

Both the cultural and the commercial exchanges with Cyprus were considered as very important by the foreign visitors, because the island is a transportation and communication centre in the Mediterranean. Contacts with commercial agencies of the island were also pursued.