Sat, 21 Oct. 2023
A contemporary dance piece of Dionysian intensity, set to Ravel's world–famous music, which is an ode to hope and to dance itself.  

The “Boléro”, composed by Maurice Ravel in 1928 based on eponymous traditional Spanish dances from the 18th century, consists of two repeated themes that become more and more exhilarating as the piece goes on. Rubio Gamo conceived, directed and choreographed “Gran Bolero” at a time when «…everything was quite difficult and I didn’t know what to do. One day I listened to Ravel’s “Boléro”. “Boléro” is like an impulse, always forward. I went with it. “Gran Bolero” is a great opportunity to remember that there was a day when we decided that dance and music would save us from everything else».

The winner of the prize "Premios Max 2020": Best Dance Production (Spanish Awards for the performing arts) is presented at the Nicosia International Festival in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in Cyprus to honour the Spanish Presidency of the European Council.  

Conceived, directed and choreographed by: Jesús Rubio Gamo
Performers: Alberto Alonso, Eva Alonso, Albert Barros, Agnès Balfegó, Aurora
Costanza, Maria Hernando, Joel Mesa, Danielle Mesquita, Ivan Montardit, Clara
Pampyn, Raúl Pulido, Karlo Topolovec
Music: José Pablo Polo basado en Boléro de Maurice Ravel
Costume design: Cecilia Molano
Lighting design: David Picazo
Assistant director: Alicia Cabrero
Artistic collaborator: Elena Córdoba

Co-produced by Mercat de les Flors, Teatros del Canal
With the support of Conde Duque Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Tickets: Stephanis shops and at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre box office (Monday - Friday 10:00-13:00).

ZONE A (€18.00 / €15.00)
ZONE B (€16.00 / €12.00)
ZONE C (€14.00 / €10.00)
ZONE D (€12.00 / €10.00)

Information: 22797979 (Monday - Friday 10:00-13:00).
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