Tue, 26 Sep. 2023
The Nicosia International Festival continues its collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Centre and begins its fourth edition with a unique musical journey inside a provincial nightclub of decades past.

"ENA ENA", which literally means one-to-one, is the name of a fictional Greek provincial nightclub. A band, a singer, a waiter and a security camera bring the world of the show to life, interacting with each other and the audience. The music is a microtonal amalgam of Greek "clarinet" culture from the 1970s to the 1990s mixed with improvised parts, electronic music and field recordings, while utilizing the heavily "amplified" aesthetic of that era; a bizarre "panegyric" Greek traditional outdoor revelry.

"Inspired by a childhood memory and driven by the experience of a celebration that was unexpectedly interrupted, the space and occasion that is a celebration are the core around which many of my questions await an answer. Taking my personal experiences and their aural impressions as a starting point, I was drawn to the celebrations of the 1980s. In “ENA ENA”, the deconstruction of the elements that make up the event that is a celebration creates the opportunity to reassemble these constituent parts in a new way. Through this reassembly, the original questions are re-framed. The sonic enrichment offered by this reassembly liberates musical expression, creating a new set of conditions within a space that is both familiar and unfamiliar", (Thanasis Deligiannis).
Conception, direction, sound design, performance: Thanasis Deligiannis
Set and lighting design: Roelof Pothuis
Dramaturgy: Yannis Michalopoulos
Assistant Director & Production Assistance: Danai Belosinof
Costume Designer: Vasiliki Surri
Vocals: Dr. Natasha Tsakiridou
Violin: George Dumitriu
Keyboards: Kaja Draksler
Drums: Govaert
Kostas Haikalis
Technical director & lighting technician: Konstantinos Margas
Creative coder: David Jonas
Project development: Frank Van Der Weij
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