Fri, 13 Oct. 2023
Greek singer-songwriter Efstathios Drakos, known for his collaboration with Dimitra Galani and her alboum “To vals ton hamenon meta”, presents exclusively at the Nicosia International Festival 2023, his new work entitled "ΦLEVA" (translated as «vein»). His aim is to define a common cultural vein that straddles the line between the classical Greek sound and the magic of experimentation.
As he points out, "music is probably the most direct way to be able to experience stories of the past as if they were one's own personal experiences. Through melodic lines and rhythmic patterns imprinted in our DNA as people of the Mediterranean, the Balkans and the East, we will swing together between the romanticism and the cynicism of life, between absolute calm and despair, between substance and futility".
The singer-songwriter and performer will present unpredictable arrangements of works by the greatest contemporary, and not only, Greek composers, as well as released and unreleased songs from his collaboration with Dimitra Galani and Minor Project. "Our aids", says Efstathios Drakos, "are the everlasting wisdom of selected folk and rebetiko songs as well as traditional narratives and others".
Piano/voice: Efstathios Drakos
Percussion/ drums: Alexandros Baltas
Alexandre Dantas, Alexandre Daltas, Alexandre Daltas: Minas Liakos
Mina Lakas: George Kolokythas
Vocals: Maria Karetsou
Tickets: Stephanis shops and at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre box office (Monday - Friday 10:00-13:00).
ZONE A (€18.00 / €15.00)
ZONE B (€16.00 / €12.00)
ZONE C (€14.00 / €10.00)
ZONE D (€12.00 / €10.00)
Information: 22797979 (Monday - Friday 10:00-13:00).
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