Thu, 26 Oct. 2023 - Sun, 19 Nov. 2023
Exhibition by visual artist PASHIAS
Always with a fresh perspective, visual artist PASHIAS returns to the Nicosia International Festival, presenting his solo exhibition "Fresh Fish", as part of this year’s Parallel Program. The exhibition, opening on October 26th  at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre, is an evolution of the live performance "Ω3" that took place at Eleftherias Square this past May, in the context of the #acceptance series organized by the Festival.
Stirring up impressions and reactions, PASHIAS and his fishtail crawled for one hour on the Square’s concrete floor, designed by internationally renowned architect Zaha Hadid, ending up at the creature’s natural element - a marble water fountain. The performance “Ω3” attracted audience members and passersby, it was discussed with praise and criticism, “proving - at last - that yes, harmonious coexistence with 'the other' may not be so dangerous, painful, or forbidding. That social inclusion, interculturalism and acceptance of diversity may not be an unattainable dream for us”. (G. Mourettou, AlphaNews)
In the exhibition "Fresh Fish", the artist develops his original sculptural practice to explore the ‘uncommon’ through mythical figures in a contemporary interpretation. The artist's body - half human, half fish - repeats itself, taking shape in multiplicity to prove its uniqueness. With references to frescoes of the Cycladic civilization, futuristic architectural structures, toy dolls and objects of everyday use or consumption, PASHIAS composes a cultural tableau of the society we all inhabit, the water we all swim in.
During the exhibition, the Nicosia International Festival in collaboration with the Visual Artists and Art Theorists Association - phytorio organizes a series of three workshops by PASHIAS, entitled "The artist moves the artwork, the artwork moves the artist". The workshops will take place in the foyer of Nicosia Municipal Theatre on 30 October, 1 November and 3 November, between 17:30 - 19:30.
Opening: Thursday 26 October, 19:00, Nicosia Municipal Theatre (6 Miki Theodorakis - former Museum, 1097, Nicosia)
Duration: 26 October - 19 November (Monday - Friday 10:00 - 13:00 and 1 hour before each scheduled performance)
Curation: Maria Efstathiou
Exhibition Sponsors: Laminam - Superior Natural Surfaces, CIP - Citizens In Power
Exhibition Information: 22797979 (Monday - Friday 10:00 - 13:00) - -
Workshop Information & Reservations: 96674020 -
Festival organizers: Nicosia Municipality, Nicosia For Art
The Festival is presented by ECOMMBX.
Institutional sponsor of the Festival: Ministry of Culture, Republic of Cyprus
Silver Sponsor of the Festival: Onassis Stegi, Embassy of Israel in Cyprus
Festival Bronze Sponsor: Embassy of Spain in Cyprus
Hospitality Sponsor: The Classic Hotel

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