Thu, 07 Dec. 2023 - Tue, 30 Jan. 2024
Following the successful presentation of the photographic exhibition "ELLE", both at the Nicosia International Festival 2022 and abroad, the Press and Information Office organises the photographic exhibition "KTICIC", which is presented from December 7th, 2023, at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre, in part of the Nicosia International Festival 2023.
The exhibition highlights in a very special way Curium, one of the richest and most powerful cities-kingdoms of Cyprus in antiquity. The photographic lens and the sensitive aesthetic approach of the photographer Stefanos Kouratzis reveal to us, in an enchanting way, the sanctuary, the palace, the market, the amphitheatre, the public baths, and the basilicas of this legendary kingdom and at the same time highlight the soul of a people that prospered despite the various natural and historical turbulences. 
The photographic exhibition curated by Katerina Nikita, is entitled "KTICIC". It refers to the female figure in the mosaic found in a complex of the "house" of Eustolios, on the Acropolis of Curium. Neither mortal nor goddess, this female figure has survived wars and invasions, but has also defied the elements of nature to impose herself on our gaze with grace and mastery even today. Like the threads of an ode from distant lands between East and West, it symbolizes the infinite grandeur of the land.
The aim of the exhibition is to help visitors, both in Cyprus and abroad where it shall travel, to understand the greatness of this ancient Cypriot kingdom.  This photographic journey could be described as a form of contemporary archaeology as the puzzle of the monuments and stones surrounding the archaeological site of Kourion are presented through a different exploratory and aesthetic perspective, revealing an important part of Cypriot history and archaeology.

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