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New Cemetery

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The new cemetery is located near Nisou village, approximately 12 kilometres from Nicosia. It is situated west of the new Nicosia-Limassol motorway, at the industrial area at the exit of the Nicosia-Limassol motorway to Tseri.
The cemetery has a capacity of approximately 10,000 graves, expected to cater to the needs of the public for at least 50 years. The site has been consecrated, fenced off and space has been configured for about 1,550 graves.
The following fees apply for private graves:
  • First-Class Graves €1,708.60
  • Second-Class Graves €854.30
  • Third-Class Graves €598.01
For citizens whose relatives choose five-year common graves, interment is free of charge, provided that relatives assign over to the Municipality the right to collect the benefit paid by Social Insurance covering funeral costs.
State dignitaries, Presidents of the Republic, Archbishops and mayors of Nicosia are interred free of charge at specially configured sites.

For information, contact Demetris Christou at 99606913