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Municipal Markets

THE MUNICIPALITY / Departments / Municipal Markets
Three municipal markets are currently in operation:
  • The wholesale market on Ayios Ilarionas Street, P.O. Box 1028 in Kaimakli
  • The Ayios Antonios market on Evgenia & Antonis Theodotou Street in Nicosia, tel: 22431558
  • The old town hall market in Old Nicosia, tel: 22762672 
In addition, two open-air markets are held every week, at the Constanza parking area, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Municipal markets are open daily, except Sundays and public holidays. Working hours are set by the Markets Inspector, with the Mayor’s approval. The markets operate under the authority of the Markets Inspector, who is appointed by the Mayor.
Operation of the market at the Constanza parking area (next to “Ochi” square)

Days of the week and business hours

Every Wednesday, until 4pm from 1 October to 31 March, and until 5pm from 1 April to 30 September.

Every Saturday until 4pm.

Vendors may prepare their stalls after 7pm on the day preceding market day.

Allocation of space to vendors
The Markets Inspector allocates space to interested vendors. Placement of goods outside the designated areas is prohibited. Goods placed outside the designated areas are subject to seizure by the Markets Inspector, pursuant to city ordinances, or to on-the-spot fines of €85.
Concession fee (as of 1 January 2003)
A concession fee of €8 daily for use of space measuring 2 meters by 2 meters.

Parking at the site of the municipal market is prohibited. Pursuant to the Extrajudicial Regulation Offences Law, violators will be cited and/or their goods subject to seizure under city ordinances. After unloading their goods, vendors must park their vehicles in spaces designated by competent municipality officers.

The municipality provides all vendors with special plastic bags for litter. Unsold goods and any other litter at the end of day must be placed within the plastic bags; littering on the floor is prohibited. The plastic bags must be tightly secured and left for collection at spots designated by the municipality.
Failure to comply with these regulations is a criminal offence, and violators will be cited pursuant to the Prevention of Pollution of Public Roads and Places Law, which provides for on-the-spot fines of €85.