Nicosia International Festival 2024

ΕΝΗΜΕΡΩΣΗ / Nicosia International Festival / Nicosia International Festival 2024

The Nicosia International Festival invites professional artists (physical persons) of Cypriot origin or nationality and/or organisations (legal entities) operating legally in Cyprus to submit proposals for inclusion in the Nicosia International Festival 2024, which will take place from September to December. The Festival is co-organised by the Nicosia Municipality and Nicosia For Art, and is part of Nicosia's bid for the European Capital of Culture 2030.

Artists are invited to submit proposals for theatre, contemporary dance, and music performances to be held at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre (main stage, rehearsal space, the open-air space at the side and at the front of the theatre) and the Nicosia Municipal Garden, as well as proposals for the Festival's Parallel Program.


The proposals submitted should be in line with the philosophy of the Festival, which in turn is aligned with the long-term strategy of the Nicosia Municipality for culture and which includes the following objectives:

1. To support and promote young professional artists and to showcase Cypriot talent of all ages. Starting from 2024, the Festival has established the #UNDER30 Program, exclusively addressed to artists under 30 years old, wishing to systematically support them in their first steps.
2. To propose cultural actions aimed at acceptance and inclusion regardless of age, gender, colour, religion, sexual orientation etc.
3. To propose a wide range of cultural and artistic expression aimed at raising awareness through audiences’ contact with other cultures and social groups.
For 2024, the philosophy of the Festival also includes the need:
4. to present the diverse realities of illegal invasion and forced displacement,
5. to argue the extent to which democracy is fragile or flexible and resilient,
6. to give a platform to all nationalities and cultures living in Nicosia to showcase their history and culture, as well as their contemporary reality.


1. The open call is addressed to professional artists (physical persons) of Cypriot origin or nationality, and/or organisations (legal entities) operating legally in Cyprus.
2. Proposals submitted must be for productions to be presented in the Nicosia District for the first time.
3. The proposer's fee is set at 75% of the net box office receipts from his/ her performances (after deducting value added tax, entertainment tax and ticketing fee) with a minimum of €100 per performer/ artist participating in the performance.
4. The Festival co-organisers are not obliged to accept or approve any proposal if they consider that there is no suitable proposal.
5. The responsibility for any obligations relating to copyright and other rights for public performance/ presentation rests with the proposer. Any charges in relation to securing such rights shall be borne solely by the proposer.
6. The co-organisers of the Festival will have the right to secure sponsors and communication sponsors. Proposers are only entitled to attract sponsors provided that they have previously obtained written approval by the Festival's Artistic Director.
7. The co-organisers of the Festival undertake the technical support of each performance (technical equipment of the Nicosia Municipal Theatre), the costs and the promotion actions for each performance as well as any rental costs relating to the space where the performance will take place.
8. The proposer is solely responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses or approvals by Governmental, local, or other authority regarding artists’ work permits, and for the related cost.
9. If the co-organizers or other Republic of Cyprus department so requests, the proposer will be required to prepare at his/her own expense and deliver to the co-organisers a Health and Safety Plan for the proposed performance.
10. The proposer is responsible for the smooth running of the performance and for the prompt arrival and departure of the members of the artistic team.
11. All those involved in the performance (actors, artists, dancers, technicians, etc.) will be obliged to comply with all the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Laws 1996 to 2011 both during the performance and during setup and rehearsals.
12. In the event of cancellation/ non-performance of all or any number of the theatrical performances through the fault of the proposer or any participant in the performances at any stage after written notification has been sent by the co-organisers regarding the approval of such proposal, then the proposer shall not receive any remuneration.


1. Interested parties are entitled to submit more than one proposal.
2. Proposals must be submitted electronically no later than Sunday 14 April 2024 at 11:59pm, through the link
3. By submitting proposal(s), the proposer(s) accepts without reservation all the terms of the present Open Call.
4. Incomplete proposals will not be accepted.

For further information please call the Festival production team at 22797991 or contact them online at