The Municipality of Nicosia

THE MUNICIPALITY / History / 1960 - Present / The Municipality of Nicosia
As the capital of the Republic, Nicosia is Cyprus' political, economic and cultural centre. Greater Nicosia is subdivided into seven municipalities, but the metropolitan authority is the Municipality of Nicosia itself – within whose boundaries the Constitution states that the main government buildings and headquarters must be situated.

According to the Constitution of Cyprus, Nicosia Municipality was divided into a Greek and Turkish sector with two Mayors- a representative of the Greek community, the majority, and a second one representing the Turkish community.

The Mayors and the members of the Council were appointed by the President of the Republic.

Since 1986, the Mayors and members of the Council are elected. The Mayor and the Municipal Councillors are elected by direct popular suffrage but in separate ballots – one for the Mayor and the other for all the Councillors.

All citizens aged 18 years and over, who have been residents of the city of Nicosia six months prior to the elections are entitled to vote in the Municipal Council elections. Any citizen of the city may become a candidate for elections as long as he or she is over 25 years of age. Municipal elections are held every five years.

The Municipality of Nicosia is now headed by the Mayor and the Council comprising of 26 Councillors, one of whom is Deputy Mayor.

The Mayor and the Councillors exercise all the powers vested in them by the Municipal Corporation Law. Subcommittees consisting of members of the Municipal Council act only on an advisory level and according to the procedures and regulations issued by the Council.

The Mayor is the executive authority of the Municipality, exercising overall control and managing the Municipal Council. The Council is responsible for appointing personnel employed by the Municipality.

All municipalities in the Republic of Cyprus are members of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities. The executive committee is the governing organ of the Union. This committee is appointed from among the representatives of the Municipalities, for a term of two and a half years.