Electrical Section

Section competencies

The municipality’s Electrical Section is responsible for:
  • The electrical installation of traffic lights and logistical responsibility for their upkeep island-wide. The upkeep of traffic lights in the greater Nicosia area is undertaken directly by the Section, and by local crews in the rest of Cyprus, assisted wherever necessary by Nicosia municipality.
  • Constant improvement and upgrading of street lighting. The section identifies any shortcomings and problems and subsequently notifies the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) which takes action, such as expanding the grid, repairing damaged lights and replacing burnt bulbs.
  • The Section strives to ensure that no point in the city is without lighting, an objective which has more or less been realised. In this effort of ours, the assistance of citizens - quickly reporting lighting problems - is invaluable.
  • The design, construction and upkeep (by contractor or direct labour) of electrical installations of municipal buildings, municipal parks and lighting projects in squares and pedestrian pavements.
  • The layout, installation and upkeep (by contractor or direct labour) of the city’s festive decoration.
  • Drafting the terms and technical specifications for tenders for the execution of electrical projects or the purchase of electrical/electronic equipment.
  • Installation and upkeep of ticket dispenser machines at municipal car parks.
 Customer service
  • To reach the Electrical Section you may contact the Citizens Service and Information Bureau at 22 797007
  • A hotline is available for reporting damage to traffic lights outside office hours, until 9pm. Please call 99496000
  • Email: electricalsection@nicosiamunicipality.org.cy
  • To report burnt street lights, you may reach the EAC anytime, dialling 1800