Department of Gardening and Greenery

THE MUNICIPALITY / Departments / Technical Services / Department of Gardening and Greenery
The department’s work consists of:
  • the upkeep and improvement of the city’s green areas at gardens/parks, squares and green strips within the boundaries of Nicosia Municipality. It also sees to the embellishment of the city with the planting of blossoms, flowers and ornamental bushes in various areas. Horticulture work in parks and green strips includes: watering, soil fertilisation, pest, insect and fungus control, pruning bushes and trees in parks, grass cutting, keeping green areas clean, etc.
  • the upkeep and expansion of hedgerows. The work consists of tree-planting to replace destroyed trees and plant new ones, pruning (usually carried out between early November to early April and depending on the weather), watering, and pest control.
  • creating new parks and green areas.