Research Section

This section is primarily responsible for researching/planning for traffic control, construction projects, road-works, (pedestrian sidewalks, tarmac, rainwater drainage etc) and the upkeep/upgrade of road signs (horizontal and vertical).
In addition the section deals with the following:
  • Bus awnings/overhangs
  • Research related to the implementation of Article 17
  • Traffic research on improvements to the road network/traffic nodes (one-way streets, parking restrictions, installation of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, road bumps etc
  • Monitoring of urban planning and other projects (urban developments such as community sports grounds, Olympic Swimming Pool etc)
  • Receipt and consideration of all manner of citizens’ grievances (public utilities earthworks, damaged pedestrian sidewalks, blocked sewers, dangerous road holes/sinkholes etc)
  • Street naming/renaming and numbering
  • Road sign (horizontal and vertical) works
  • Survey works (altimetry, land surveying)
  • Monitoring and implementation of a public transport upgrade programme for bus stops and overhangs, creation of cycle tracks and paths (involvement in drawing up the terms and technical specifications)
  • Implementing development projects included in the annual budget
    • Data gathering
    • Drawing up construction plans and technical specifications
    • Cost estimates
    • Inviting tenders via the electronic system, assessment
  • Recordkeeping (construction plans for roads, buildings, parking spaces, parks, sewers, city council decisions etc)
  • Land expropriations
  • Drawing up the agenda of the Traffic Management and Parking Committee, compiling the minutes of meetings and related memos, forwarding all Municipal Council decisions to the Chief of Police in order to secure his consent, drafting interim letters or letters of response to interested respondents.
  • Participation in the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013. Nicosia Municipality is a partner in the E-Park programme (Utilization of advanced technologies in the payment, use, and management of public Parking Sites)