Housing, Planning & Development Control Section

THE MUNICIPALITY / Departments / Technical Services / Housing, Planning & Development Control Section
The section’s competency is Development Control, in accordance with the Town and Country Planning Law, the Streets and Buildings Regulation Law, the relevant institutional framework and regulations as well as municipality policy.

The section exercises its powers by:

Checking incoming applications, for example concerning urban development:

• Town planning applications: residential, commercial, offices, mixed-use, housing, industrial, cultural, leisure etc.
• Building permit applications for the above-mentioned developments.
• Division permits related to the above-mentioned developments.
• Certificates of Final Approval for the above-mentioned developments.

Informing and explaining to the public, verbally or in writing:

• The current institutional framework (legal provisions, regulations, policies, zoning and land use, street plans, ordinances etc).
• The appropriate structure and the necessary components of a development.

Advising and providing guidance (verbally, in writing or through consultation) to the following:

• Private surveyors, professionals, architects, engineers and technicians, as well as
• State and semi-state agencies, organisations etc, on the issues mentioned above, in a qualified and detailed way.

Accepting and considering grievances, complaints, reports or requests (verbally, in writing or through legal representations) from the public, professionals, and from public as well as other agencies on matters pertaining chiefly to urban development, housing and finance.

Policing /enforcement:

• Dealing with unauthorised building works, land uses etc.
• Restoring urban development and housing order.

Participating along with other agencies in committees coordinating, regulating and promoting issues of common or overlapping competency.

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