Intro & Description

Prevailing political conditions in Cyprus have had a negative impact on the town planning configuration of the island, and especially of Nicosia, the only divided capital in the world today.

Accumulating problems in the layout of the city, caused by the city’s violent division, and the growth along separate tracks of the capital’s two parts down the years, precluded a uniform development for Nicosia.

Nicosia Master Plan

A significant and comprehensive action aimed at dealing with the planning challenges posed by a divided city was the Nicosia Master Plan, drawn up through the collaboration of the city’s two communities and under the auspices and the financial backing of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The programme’s main objective, as it was defined in 1979 following an agreement between representatives of the two communities, was to improve current and future living conditions for all residents of Nicosia.

Master Plan Offices

P.O. Box 21015, Nicosia 1500