Rehabilitation Programme

The Nicosia Master Plan identified the walled city of Nicosia as well as other traditional urban nuclei as the city’s most significant structured sets, which through their configuration and architecture mirror the many layers of history.

By virtue of its architectural and cultural value, the historic centre has been recognised and is treated as a cultural and financial asset that needs to be incorporated into modern-day social life.

It was decided that long-term rehabilitation can be carried out only if it is geared at social rehabilitation, a precondition for preserving the built and the natural environments. Therefore, proposals on what to do with the walled city of Nicosia aim to improve living conditions and the environment in general, make the best use of the existing architectural resources, attract young couples for permanent habitation, promote owner-occupied housing etc.

The core philosophy of the Nicosia Master Plan in implementing the revitalisation of Old Nicosia entails the engagement of the public sector in efforts to boost the area’s viability but also its cultural activity.

Combined interventions at various sections within Old Nicosia have also created, and will create, interrelated land-use activities, forming the basis for permanent revitalisation. A particularly significant aspect of the programme’s philosophy is the need to preserve and re-use existing traditional buildings that can house young couples for permanent habitation. This effort would involve uniform planning, taking into account social and financial needs and priorities.