The birth of Nicosia

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The legend of the birth of Aphrodite, emerging through the foam of the sea waves, can be compared to the geological birth of Cyprus, in that the island rose from the ocean.

The nucleus of this phenomenon is the mountain range of Troodos, which is 92 million years old. The rocks of Troodos were created from the ancient oceanic bark, which started rising from the sea 10 million years ago. First to emerge from the sea was the Troodos massif on to which limestone sediment began to attach, gradually leading to a drop in the depth of the seas. The last to become attached was the Pendadactylos range to the north of the Troodos massif.

Nicosia emerged from the sea 1.8 million-5 million years ago. The emergence of Nicosia joined the Troodos and Pendadactylos mountain ranges and created the Mesaoria plain. This is how the island of Cyprus was created.