A city that waits

Nicosia is a growing city. Its people are actively engaged in trade and other profitable professions.

The Nicosia Municipality has launched a series of large infrastructure projects to modernise the city and make it a worthy capital of the Republic of Cyprus.

“In spite of the current division, the people of Nicosia hope that one day the city will be reunited…
Our city must be seen from a distance with virgin eyes, with the eyes of, say, a Traveller beholding the first time she appears to have just emerged detaching herself from mountain Pentadaktylos that provides her with a cerulean backdrop to north.
Ancient is the city of Nicosia, yet her later history tightly interwoven among the years of the Franks, the years of the Turks and of the British and of course the years of our own generation.
In our times she remains the last divided city of Europe, sliced in two by the ‘Green Line’ disrupting its cohesion, its continuity. The tragedy of this country’s occupation is tangible throughout the areas of the ‘Green Line’.
But time move on… Elsewhere, the Berlin Wall and other artificial dividing lines have crumbled. This too is Nicosia’s hope for tomorrow. For man-made lines to dissolve, for our city to once more discover her complete face.”

Michalis Pasiardis, October 1991.