Nicosia from antiquity to the present

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Nicosia from antiquity to the present: Ledra – Kallinikisi – Lefkothea – Lefkousia – Lefkosia

Ancient Ledra, in the Ptolemaic period was also named Lefkothea. In the first years of Christianity in Cyprus, around 348 AD, it was known as Lefkousia or Ledri and was a small town. Its first bishop was Trifillios, who was declared a saint in 448 AD.

After the Arab raids in the 6th century AD and the pillage that ensued in the coastal cities, people moved to the centre of the island, in the Mesaoria plain and the mountainous areas.

Nicosia had probably become the centre of administration and the island's capital in either the 9th or 10th century. It had acquired a castle and was the seat of the Byzantine governor of Cyprus.
The last Byzantine governor of the island was Isaac Komnenos who declared himself emperor of the island and ruled the island from 1183 –1191.