The construction of the new walls

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The decision
Having assembled the nobility, he stressed to them the interest they had in fortifying their city, to secure their possessions from the avarice of the barbarians, and that it was of great consequence to their preservation, and that of the whole state, for these works to finish within six months.”

The sponsors
“These gentlemen comprehending the danger wherewith they were threatened returned Savorgnano their thanks, approved his designs and offered him all that in them lay to facilitate it”.

The construction
“He them caused several workmen and slaves to come to Nicosia, he pulled down the ancient walls and adjoining houses and drew (a) line in a round figure less than the former which beginning from an Eminency Northward, near the old walls, ended 400 paces near the first circulation... This enterprise was carried on with such a diligence as surprised all people. For these bastions and the wall were in a short time brought on to a reasonable height, and the Ditch made deep enough to defend itself against a great army. The noise and reputation of this work gave the more joy and hopes to the republic, because it cost her but little and because one of the magistrates had so happily and speedily finished it.”

Excerpts from the book: Antonio Maria Graziani, De bello Cyprio, Roma, 1627