The Venetian administration and the new fortifications

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The Venetians ruled the island from 1489-1571. Nicosia was their administrative centre and the seat of the Venetian Governor. Since the threat from the Ottomans was visible, the Venetian Governors of Nicosia emphasized in their letters the need for all the cities of Cyprus to be fortified.
In 1562, Venice sent Ascanio Savorgnano to the island to prepare a general description of the cities and the prospects for their fortifications. In his report, Ascanio maintained that Nicosia did not need to be fortified.
“... In the first instance considering Nicosia, seeing that this place does not lie on the sea nor in a situation in which it can be succoured, I am of the opinion that, even though it were in other respects suitable, the Most Serene Republic would be ill advised to fortify it...”
Excerpt from the report prepared by Ascanio Savorgnano.